Transformational Spirit Healing

133 Main Street, Suite #5

Tavern Building

Putney, VT 05346

802.380.0582 (call or text)

About My Practice


An increasing number of people are aware that our energy systems, while unseen to most, are fundamental to our physical and emotional well-being. Energy work comes in many forms, but in my practice I use Reiki and shamanic healing techniques to release blockages, extract negative energy, balance the chakras, and open space for healing on a deep spiritual level.

During sessions, I'm often offered the opportunity to see where clients are "stuck," what habits/patterns are informing their present situations, and also where there are opportunities for growth and healing. All healing comes from within, and I consider my work to be helping open and hold space for transformational healing to occur.  

About Me


I'm Meghan Houlihan, a Usui Reiki Master who received training in Reiki from Neil Chaput de Saintonge in Missoula, MT and Sanctuary Healing Arts in Amherst, MA, as well as training in shamanic healing techniques from Nan Moss and Linda Dean-Farrar. I have many passions, but energy work and personal transformation are at the top of my list (along with caring for my children).

Home Visits Available


I love working out of my studio in the historic Putney Tavern Building, but know that leaving home can be hard for some. I offer home visits for elders and people with limited mobility. Please contact me for information about fees and to schedule an appointment. 

Member of the Vermont Reiki Association