House and other space clearings

Many things can affect the energy of the spaces we inhabit, and often we can make positive changes by opening windows and bringing in sunlight, smudging, using bells, fragrances, and so forth. But sometimes energies persist - after a traumatic event in a space, for example - and sometimes beings from unseen realms occupy our spaces. Many are familiar with ghosts - human spirits that haven't fully transitioned - but there are a large variety of other entities with various degrees of consciousness that can also occupy spaces and affect our experiences. 

How do I know if there's something in my house? 

There are many different indicators that something may be in your space. Some people see things in the fringes of their vision, experience sensations (a sensation of being watched, for example, or someone brushing against you), hear inexplicable sounds, or just intuitively know that something else is present. Others experience disruptions in their homes - flickering lights and other electrical issues, things that "mysteriously" happen, such as something turning on or off. And sometimes one may just feel uneasy or have a particular emotional experience (grief, fear, etc.) in a specific area, such as a room that has never felt "quite right."   

How house clearing works 

The energies and beings mentioned above are accessible through energy fields, which means that house and other space clearing can be done remotely (similar to energy work on a person). Energy imprints can be dissipated and transmuted. In the case of a being, I connect with the entity and compassionately help it move on. With ghosts, specifically, it is very important not to just "expel" them - souls stay behind because they are lost, or have unfinished business, or just need assistance with transitioning - so I practice compassion and kindness in helping these spirits transition to a higher realm. 

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