My monthly sessions with Meghan are so essential for my spiritual wellness. The passion within her warmth, love, and techniques are unlike any anything I have ever experienced. I've been seeing healers my entire life, but when I found Meghan a new world of personal deep connection and understanding unfolded for me. My depth of healing and the peace in my heart from our work together has been profound. Her generosity with her time is unparalleled. She is a true gem and I am so thankful for her!

- Erin

I have been seeing Meghan for several months for shamanic healing, other energy work and, more recently, a mediumship session.  When I walk into her space, I immediately feel at ease. She always listens attentively to intuit what I need for healing each time. Although the journey I take in her office is so different each time, Meghan always spends time at the end of the session explaining what came up for me, what she was able to do, and what might be important for me to focus on in my daily life to continue the healing. I always come away with a sense of greater clarity and a peaceful feeling of greater balance. I have recommended her work to friends. 

- Melissa

The sessions I’ve had with Meghan have been very peaceful and gentle. Yet I feel the depth of healing that occurs. The space is bright and welcoming, too. Meghan is very talented and shares her skills in a quiet but very effective way. I would recommend a session with her to everyone! The peaceful, relaxed feeling after a session is a wonderful gift to carry into my day.

- Jan

I never thought much of alternative medicine/therapy. Then Meghan changed my mind. She has an angel's touch. 

- Ralph

One word: transformative.

- Ron