I felt like Meghan was so in tune and present with me during my session. Her soothing voice and feedback after the session helped me integrate the healing that was taking place. I am looking forward to scheduling another session with her.

- Melissa

Calming, recentering, and transformative, the Reiki session with Meghan was just what I needed. She has the healing touch! 

- Angela

The sessions I’ve had with Meghan have been very peaceful and gentle. Yet I feel the depth of healing that occurs. The space is bright and welcoming, too. Meghan is very talented and shares her skills in a quiet but very effective way. I would recommend a session with her to everyone! The peaceful, relaxed feeling after a session is a wonderful gift to carry into my day.

- Jan

Meghan's gentle, loving nature and approach made my session deeply calming and rejuvenating. 

- Dana

I never thought much of alternative medicine/therapy. Then Meghan changed my mind. She has an angel's touch. 

- Ralph

One word: transformative.

- Ron