Spirit Healing

Transformative energy work

My practice is built on the belief that spiritual wellness is integral to one's physical, emotional, and mental health. I use visionary spiritist techniques and Reiki to help open space for healing on a deep spiritual level. During sessions, I'm often offered the opportunity to see where clients are "stuck," what habits/patterns from present and past lifetimes are informing their present situations, whether physical, emotional/mental or spiritual, and also where there are opportunities for growth and healing. All healing comes from within, and I consider my work to be helping open and hold space for transformational healing to occur.   

I enter each session with an open heart and an intention for a healing that is in my client's highest good. Spirit and my team of helping spirits take it from there. Sessions can involve energy extractions, entity removals, past life healings, soul retrievals, spirit animal retrievals, and more. Sometimes loved ones who have crossed the veil will make themselves known in order to bring healing, and sometimes the session is very quiet and focused on relaxation and balance. It all depends on what you need and desire on a deep spiritual level.    

What to expect on your first visit  
I will spend a few minutes before the treatment getting to know you - any issues/concerns you're bringing into the session and a bit about your history. During the session, you will remain clothed and will relax on a table while I work around your body. Sometimes I use gentle touch and sometimes I work above the body. I often work with instruments, such as drums, rattles, and bells.

Distance work  
All energy work can be performed from a distance. It doesn't matter if you are in an adjacent room or Hawaii; our energetic bodies are completely accessible because spirit healing works outside of space/time. I offer long-distance sessions to those far away and to children who may be too young to enjoy (or lie still for!) an in-person session. 


Don't hesitate to contact me through this website with any questions.