Healing Crystals and Custom-Made Jewelry


The Healing Power of Crystals

For me, making jewelry is like having a lunch date with my best friends. Crystals have incredible healing properties and so much personality - Amazonite makes me giggle and not take any human drama too seriously, bloodstone makes me feel grounded and vital, amethyst helps me discard energy I pick up during the day, chrysoprase makes me notice the things around me that bring me joy - the flight of a bird, the way seeds just hover on top of a dried flower, ready to spread... 

The crystals I use in my jewelry are usually rough-cut, natural crystals that are energetically cleared before they are turned into jewelry. I make earrings with sterling silver wire and findings as well as copper pendants using a process called electroforming. Electroforming creates organic, "uneven" designs and I make the pendants with both waxed cotton sliding knot cords and solid copper chains. My jewelry is for sale at Swirl  in Putney, Vermont and on Etsy, and I am happy to produce pieces with the stones you want to wear. Prices range from $30 to $60, depending on the stone/s. I require a $10 non-refundable deposit, and I will produce the piece and show you a photo of it before you need to pay me the balance, just to make sure that its unique form speaks to you! 

Crystal Consultations

If you're drawn to crystals but aren't sure what would be helpful for you, I can provide a crystal consultation, in which I will offer information about which ones to use, based on your present circumstances. (This information comes from the crystals themselves and from my helping spirits.)  Consultations are $10 and can be done remotely (payment through PayPal is available). The consultation is free if you include it with an order for a copper pendant. If you order a consultation and pendant as a gift, I will write up the results of the consultation and include it in the final package. 

Below are samples of the pendants I've produced. Feel free to contact me through this site to place an order or ask any questions!